Meetings & Events in 2014
Following is a preview of selected meetings and events ahead for the UAE Permanent Mission's participation on the global nuclear agenda in 2014:


13-15 January  Nuclear Security Summit, Third Sherpa Meeting Thailand Government Bangkok, Thailand
28 January  Meeting of the Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Initiative (NPDI) Government of Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland
20-22 January  Future Energy Summit Government of United Arab Emirates  Abu Dhabi, UAE
17-28 February CTBTO Working Group B: 42nd Session
Vienna, Austria
24 February CTBTO Joint Meeting for the Working Groups A and B CTBTO Vienna, Austria
3-7 March  IAEA Board of Governors (BoG) IAEA  Vienna, Austria
24-25 March  2014 Nuclear Security Summit (NSS 2014) Government of the Netherlands The Hague, Netherlands 
24 March - 4 April  6th Review Meeting of Contracting Parties to the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS) IAEA 
Vienna, Austria
5-9 May  Board of Governors (Programme and Budget) IAEA  Vienna, Austria
2-8 May
 CTBTO Advisory Group: 42nd Session
Vienna, Austria
26-28 May  CTBTO Working Group A: 45th Session CTBTO Vienna, Austria 
28 April - 9 May 
2014 NPT Prep-Com for the 2015 Review Conference  
NPT Member States  New York, US 
2-5 June  Board of Governors (mid-year meeting) IAEA 
Vienna, Austria
16-17 June  CTBTO Preparatory Commission: 42nd Session CTBTO
Vienna, Austria
18-29 August CTBTO Working Group B: 43rd Session CTBTO 
Vienna, Austria
25 August  CTBTO Joint Meeting for Working Groups A and B  CTBTO  Vienna, Austria
15-19 September  58th General Conference  IAEA 
Vienna, Austria
29 September
Board of Governors (one-day meeting)
Vienna, Austria
1-3 September 
CTBTO Advisory Group: 43rd Session CTBTO
Vienna, Austria
6-8 October  CTBTO Working Group A: 46th Session CTBTO
 Vienna, Austria
28-30 October  CTBTO Preparatory Commission: 43rd Session CTBTO Vienna, Austria
17-21 November  Board of Governors (including Technical Assistance & Cooperation Committee) IAEA Vienna, Austria