UAE Nuclear Policy
Building Legal Framework  


A major step towards the development of  the UAE peaceful nuclear energy programme was issuing of its Nuclear Policy, which outlines the government’s approach to civilian nuclear power. 
By formally endorsing the Nuclear Policy, the UAE Government made its intentions clear to its citizens and to the international community and highlighted UAE Government commitments and strategies for the development of a peaceful nuclear energy programme.
The policy document was released in April 2008. Through the Policy of the United Arab Emirates on the Evaluation and Potential Development of Peaceful Nuclear Energy, the UAE government committed itself to the following fundamental principles:
  1. Complete operational transparency;
  2. Commitment to the highest standards in non-proliferation;
  3. Commitment to the highest standards in safety and security;
  4. Working directly with International Atomic Energy Agency;
  5. Close partnership with the governments and firms of responsible nations; and
  6. Long-term sustainability.     
In addition to these commitments, the policy constitutes the UAE’s decision to forgo domestic enrichment and reprocessing of nuclear fuel. The policy paper describes the role of nuclear power as one component of the UAE’s  future energy portfolio.
The Policy principles and commitments  was made into a law when UAE  issued  ‘UAE Nuclear Law’ in October 2009. 

UAE signed the Additional Protocol to its Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement in 2009. The Additional Protocol establishes a procedure for stringent inspections  and further demonstrates UAE commitments to highest standards of non-proliferation. The Additional Protocol was brought into force in 2010.

The UAE views the application of a Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement, strengthened by the IAEA Additional Protocol, as an important component of its model in adopting a peaceful nuclear energy programme. It considers that these  instruments are consistent with its commitment to complete operational transparency and to  highest standards of non-proliferation.

Currently, the UAE has signed bilateral agreements for cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear energy with numerous countries, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, and the United States. 

The UAE approach has been praised around the world as a model  for transparency  and on  how to introduce  a transparent , safe and secure  domestic nuclear energy programme.